Monday, 4 February 2013

We Rise From Our Past

Alhamdulillah, we get to live to see another day in this beautiful yet harmonious world. Lets make du'a and seek repentance. One way the heart and mind will be calm and be peaceful.
Throughout our life, there will always be a horrid dream that probably has come true in our life. Let's face it, you don't want to remember it right? now lets all just try to forget all the terrible things from the past that happened to us, whether it is from our childhood, school, college, university or from now, the beginning and the present of our adulthood.
How to forget the past? Just focus on the future and the present. Enjoy all the things that is in front of you, whether you like it or not, still you have to go through it. That's what we called life. Everyone has been given the chance of one life. To have another life mean that we are so lucky He still gives us the chance and hope to make it a better one.
"People change as time flies, but the memory may remain". - Anonymous
We grow so fast that we didn't flashback at what we do few years back, it may seem that we don't want the memories to haunt us again but there still a good side to this. There is still bits of pieces that we can take from our past memories like experience and momentum. These two would be considered as the main power to our survival, without these two, we may never get back up from falling.
Experience - Knowledge that we gained from action of our past, which will remind us of what should we do correctly the next time if certain situation occurs.
Momentum - Once we fall, our momentum might decline really bad, probably really down that you think you don't have the strength to get back up and all hopes may seemed lost. Nevertheless, be remembered! you still have the chances to rise and set your momentum straight again by gather all your confidence, mental strength and physical strength. (Pray to Him, set your intention (niat) straight and may He guide you to the correct path).
Let us rise and take all the distances memories into experience that we may cherish. Let us ponder into the future, once we rise from the ashes, greater things will come to us for those who are willing to take the risk. Always have in mind that Allah is very near to us, just raise your hand and InsyaAllah, He will help you no matter how big the obstacle is. He will show you the way and maybe the easiest way, but it is up to you to walk and work you way through it.
There is no reward if there is no effort.
Forget all the people around you who want to put you down, they wanna see us fallback. They do this because you are one further step away from victory. Them? just a friction between you and victory/ultimate prize.
If we ever lost into the distance, lets remember Him, Allah SWT. He will guide you back to the right path, if you wanted to. Your path of life is your own choice, but the obstacle may vary. Don't let you heart be astray. He has given you so many, yet in your heart there is ignorance?.
Without Him, we may never rise from our fall, He aid us in so many ways that you couldn't thank Him enough.